Major Retail Chain Makes Policy Changes

The warehouse club retail chain Costco recently announced it is making tweaks to its mask policy, requiring all customers who enter the store to wear a mask regardless of whether or not they have a medical condition that does not allow them to wear a face covering. The new policy goes into effect this week.

For those curious as to how Costco will tackle its revised policy for those that cannot wear a face covering, these customers will be required to wear a face shield. Hence, entry will be limited to customers wearing either a mask or shield. The only exception to these revised rules remain children under the age of 2.

Costco’s original policy that went into effect did not require shoppers with a medical condition to wear a mask. The retailer is also stressing that the face coverings should not be deemed a substitute for social distancing. Furthermore, customers that cannot wear a mask or shield are being encouraged to take advantage of its delivery options.

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