Major Agency Shares Some Interesting News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated that wearing a mask may not only prevent others from the transmission of the coronavirus, the wearer is also protected.

The CDC also said that it would help deter potential lockdowns by implementing uniform masking policies, particularly when paired with a doubling of prevention techniques commonly used to reduce the spread of the virus, like social distancing and frequent hand washing.

A Goldman Sachs economic review published earlier this year also highlighted by the CDC showed that increasing universal masking by 15 percent could escape the need for lockdowns and decrease related losses of up to $1 trillion or around 5 percent of gross domestic product.

As for what type of mask to consider wearing, should you choose to wear one, it should be a cloth mask of at least two-ply. To test its protection, hold it up to the light. If the light can shine through individual fibers easily, it may be best to avoid it.

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